Austin Cooper vs Dash Decker (KOTR 4)

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Austin Cooper vs Dash Decker (KOTR 4)

A colossal King of the Ring Match, Austin vs Dash in KOTR 4! What more could you ask for? Two of the headline bodybuilding superstars on the roster today face off in a best of five rounds match with one of them prevailing as King of the Ring. This match was destined to happen, and got accelerated after the brutal bashing Dash & Bruce dished out on Austin two weeks ago. The burly red head thought he was finally getting his shot at Dash, and had the upper hand in round one of that match, that is before Bruce flew into the ring and came to Dash’s rescue. They proceeded to beat and batter Austin the rest of the way, and in the end he was left unconscious and tied up in the ropes. Once he woke up, he stormed out of the ring and immediately demanded a KOTR match be scheduled with ‘that pussy’ Dash. Everyone at Rock Hard agreed and the match was set. The match opens with both warriors already in the ring; Austin clad in black trunks and black boots and Dash is his red/black trunks and black boots. They look like 2 gunslingers getting ready to shoot it out at the OK Corral. Coop quips ‘what are you doing here?’ with Dash telling him ‘I’m here for King of the Ring’. Then Coop tells him ‘you know you’re going to lose don’t you?’ and Dash arrogantly replies ‘no, I don’t lose’. So it’s on! The two colossal bodybuilders tie up with Austin scoring first with and duck under and driving Dash directly into the turnbuckle, then shoving him face first into the adjoining turnbuckle. You get a sense right away that Coop is going to be all business in this match. He then puts ‘the chosen one’ in a double leg Boston crab, makes him suffer in a stretching surfboard before making Dash strangle himself with his own massive arms wrapped around his throat. Dash is able to endure and then turns the tables on the challenger. He applies his own double leg Boston crab in payback on the tactician, then directs his attack on Coop’s bum knee. Dash stomps his black boot precisely onto his knee brace in an effort to intentionally damage Austin’s knee. It seems anything goes in a King of the Ring match! Coop somehow is able to regain his composure and reverses the action by whipping Dash across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle, somersaulting into the corner, then flipping the big guy head over heels back into the center of the ring. Austin then controls the action the rest of way in this round and ultimately forces Dash to submit in a painful never seen before submission hold to end the round. Austin proudly flexes his muscles and lays claim to this round. Austin – 1, Dash – 0.

Round two begins with Coop telling Dash he’s a loser, before wrapping his biceps around his waist and hoists him into a front facing bearhug. Coop starts squeezing Dash around his rib cage with immense power in an effort to make him say Austin is King, but Dash won’t do it and is thrown to the mat. After Dash grovels on the mat for a while Austin lifts him by his head and whips him into a clothesline, sending the bodybuilder back down to the mat. He rolls Dash into a leg scissors and continues to work over his rib cage. Dash hangs in and endures the punishment, and when Coop gets a little cocky and takes a moment to flex, Dash seizes the opportunity. He catches Austin in a standing full nelson, thrashes him around the ring then slams his cranium straight into the corner turnbuckle. He proceeds to suplex the tactician out of the corner and slap on a surfboard with Coop face down on the mat. Dash yanks back on Coop’s gigantic arms with his own impressive arms, trying to either force a submission or yank his arms off his body. Coop is able to resist the easy way out and refuses to submit, so Dash needs to resort to other tactics. He stomps the tactician while he’s suffering on the mat, then drops several heavy knees into Austin’s six pack. Coop’s hurting and Dash sees that and goes in for the kill. He rolls Coop over into a tight Boston crab, sits his butt down on the small of the red head’s lower back and starts rocking back , applying immense pressure. Coop resists as long as he’s able but Dash won’t let up until he hears him scream out a submission. Dash kneels down and flexes his glorious sweaty muscles in victory, evening this match up at one round a piece. Austin -1, Dash – 1.

This round is crucial, because whoever wins this round will only need to win one of the remaining two rounds to claim King of the Ring! The two lock up and Dash seizes control, shoving the burly red head into the corner and connecting with several forceful shoulder thrusts into Coop’s abs. He continues to toss and torture his opponent around every corner of the ring, including punishing his brawny muscles in the ring ropes. He attacks every part of Austin’s body, including stringing him up in a tree of woe and wallops away at his prized six-pack as he’s dangling upside down in the corner. The reigning King of the Ring completely dominates this round, finishing his challenger off with a Dragon sleeper. This gives Dash the edge in defending his KOTR title. Austin – 1, Dash – 2.

Dash is now oozing with confidence and his muscles are sweat soaked and pumped, so it’s going to be a tall order for Austin to win consecutive rounds against the reigning king. But that’s the mountain he’ll need to climb in order to snatch the KOTR title away from ‘The Chosen One’. Does Dash close this contest out in four rounds and keep his undefeated streak alive and maintain his reign as King of the Ring? Or, will the brawny, red head, experienced tactician reach deep into his bag of holds and snatch victory away from the big bodybuilder to claim his reign as the new King of the Ring? One thing’s for certain, you don’t want to miss out on what happens next!!!

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